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Sweet Night

From the original soundtrack of the
Korean drama Itaewon Class, Sweet Night
is an indie pop song that features soothing
instrumentals and romantic English lyrics.

Inner Child

From BTS’ album Map of the Soul: 7,
Inner Child gives listeners a message of
encouragement and hope. In this brit rock
song, Taehyung discusses the struggles he
faced growing up and how they made him
into the person he is proud to be today.


Singularity is an R&B song with neo soul
and jazz influences. Serving as the intro
to BTS’ album Love Yourself: Tear, the
song's lyrics describe the heartache of
realizing that a relationship is toxic.


Stigma, the fifth song on BTS’ album Wings,
showcases Taehyung’s wide vocal range.
This jazzy, neo soul song discusses the pain
and guilt of dealing with personal problems
that are often stigmatized by society.

Winter Bear

Winter Bear is the first song released
by Taehyung entirely in English.
In this comforting pop rock ballad,
Taehyung reflects on the happiness
that the song's subject brings him.


Scenery is a ballad in which
Taehyung reminisces about the
meaningful moments he has been
able to capture through his photography.
The song's calming piano instrumentals
along with Taehyung's soothing vocals
emphasize his longing to capture more
beautiful memories in the future.


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Snow Flower

Snow Flower is a jazzy Christmas collaboration
featuring Taehyung’s close friend, Peakboy.
In this romantic holiday song, Taehyung sings
about how his Christmas wouldn’t be
the same without the person he loves.


From BTS’ album Map of the Soul: 7,
Friends is a pop rock collaboration between
Taehyung and Jimin that discusses the ups
and downs of their friendship, which has
grown to become an unbreakable bond.

A Brand New Day

From the original soundtrack of BTS World,
A Brand New Day is an electric hip-hop
collaboration between Taehyung, j-hope,
and Zara Larsson. Featuring instrumentals
from a traditional Korean flute, the song's
positive lyrics discuss overcoming one's
fears in order to accomplish their dreams.

It's Definitely You

It's Definitely You is a collaboration
between Taehyung and Jin from the
original soundtrack of the Korean drama,
Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, which
Taehyung also acted in. This pop song's
lyrics describe the agony of having to
sacrifice yourself for the one you love.

4 O'Clock

4 O'Clock is a collaboration between
Taehyung and RM that they co-wrote
to celebrate BTS' fourth anniversary
in 2017. In this guitar-driven soft rock
ballad, Taehyung reflects on the feelings
he felt while waiting for his friend to
meet him in a park at dawn.

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